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15 Nov 2015 20:41 #2007 von Ldee247
Ldee247 antwortete auf Trim....
Hi Foxfan911,
Thank you very much for the important information and the video links that is really gold dust,I'm beginning to see the logic that really explains a lot I really appreciate for your time and effort you put on this.

"For the most realistic flight on EC135, you need to have all sensitivity set to full and no null zone. I use a curve (value 1) on my X and Y axis (cyclic) to slightly deaden the center of the cyclic. The makes takeoff, landing, and hovering MUCH easier. This is done in TARGET."

Did you meant all these to full or only the ones on the left hand side then inside T.A.R.G.E.T tweak to 1% for X and Y Pitch and Row.

I'm quite happy for you to email your warthog profile and your X-plane keys.prf file I'm sure that will be much easier to do, if any issues I'll just replace with my backup.

Thanks once again for explaining things.

best regards

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15 Nov 2015 21:06 #2008 von foxfan911
foxfan911 antwortete auf Trim....
Yes, all of the sensativities in xplane need to be set to most realistic. You should not need any null zone since you have warthog, which is top quality. Inside target, I would set a curve on both x and y to 1. What that does is gives you full range of control motion (doesnt limit how much input on how much push the cyclic, just softens the sensativity in the center of the cyclic) . Also, one thing I forgot to mention is that I modified my warthog as the joystick is way too stiff for helicopter flight. If you remove the large spring it will make a WORLD of difference amd it will reduce your hand / arm fatigue by a thousand percent. Makes fly much easier. Its an easy mod, you just remove the handle, unscrew and remove the metal plates, and take out the large spring. There are softer springs inside already that will work fine alone...but it wont be as stiff. Excellent mod.

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15 Nov 2015 21:25 #2009 von Ldee247
Ldee247 antwortete auf Trim....
Thank you very much I'll try that once I get home I have been trying all along to fly with the wrong settings that's couldn't keep the Ec135 stable it kept on pitching up and down even with FTR reset and centred.
These were my current settings

I will definitely remove the spring because I was reading a forum on how to Mod the cyclic stick using Pvc pipes which comes to the same thing you just shed light on regards spring simple mod.

Do you want me to forward my email address for the warthog profile and your X-plane keys.prf .

Cheers... :) ;) :cheer:

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