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Bug issue with FTR button and FADEC control issue

01 Apr 2014 20:46 #876 von Ted
I'm just beginning to use this EC135 (V3) software and have a couple issues that I need assistance with:

1. After completing the start procedures, as soon as I hit the FTR button on my cyclic joystick (on Pro Flight Trainer Evolution) X-plane completely crashes and the bug notification window opens. None of my other assigned joystick buttons cause this. Can you please provide a suggestion?

2. Also, my Pro Flight Trainer Evolution has a throttle control on it. When I have the throttle in the full open position for start procedure and the FADEC ON, the N2, TOT and Rotor NRO are exceeded on start-up. I do have very limited experience in an EC135 and if I recall the throttles are kept full open with FADEC ON. I have also tried starting with using the throttle slowly opening it with FADEC ON and does not function well.



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01 Apr 2014 20:54 #877 von rotorsim
Ups, was just sending the answer as an email.

Here for all:

which OS do you use? Which X-Plane version? And send me your log.txt (located in X-Plane's main folder) after the crash. Do you use other plugins, i.e. xassign?

Usually it is suggestive to delte the preferences and then reassign the buttons and axes. If this doesn't work we really need the log file.

You can't use the throttle of Pro Flight Trainer because there is only one throttle. The rotorcraft needs two throttles. If you although want to use only one, you need to assign this to mixture1 (for the left engine) or mixture2 (for the right engine), not to X-Plane's throttles! Before loading the EC135 adjust your throttle lever to ca. 70 percent (not 100 percent!). Turning the twist grip out of this position will now switch to manual mode. Normally you don't need to change throttle twist grip. Fadec does the job without manually intervention. It is not possible to start the engines in manual mode! Manual mode is only an emergency procedure.

Good luck!

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02 Apr 2014 03:13 - 02 Apr 2014 03:24 #878 von Ted
Hi Peter,

I've sent you the log files in an e-mail. Your advice corrected the throttle issue in point number 2 below. However for issue #1, the FTR button is causing my system to crash every time I'm using it to fly. It does not cause the system to crash when I'm assigning a joystick and/or keyboard button as the FTR, only when I'm in flight mode. And to add to this, it's not just when I'm going through the start-up procedure. It's all times.

To correct the issue I've deleted my preferences and re-assigned them. When that did not work I tried re-assigning the FTR to a different joystick button and keyboard key. But, when I pressed the different FTR button on the joystick or keyboard it caused X-plane to crash.

Thank-you for your advice,


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02 Apr 2014 17:44 #879 von rotorsim
The log.txt file you sent me reports no crash. It is written new every time you start X-Plane. So please trigger the crash and post or sent the log.txt before launching X-Plane again.

Further questions: Does it crash, wehen pressing FTR button or when releasing it? Is autopilot On or Off? If on, what happens, when it is off and if off, what happens, when it is on?

Did you ever had installed xassign?

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11 Apr 2014 02:47 #881 von Ted
Hi Peter,

I have removed and then replaced the EC135 V3 file and the problem with the simulator crashing after the FTR button is released still persists. Specifically it occurs when autopilot is off. When it's on there is no issue.

Maybe the issue is the xassign plugin that you mention. However, I'm sorry I'm not sure what that is and I don't see it in an obvious location in my x-plane 10 folder. Can you please assist with locating it and can I remove it without any issue?



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13 Apr 2014 10:47 #884 von rotorsim
If you don't know what xassign is, you almost surely had never installed it.
I'm sorry. For the moment I have no idea what could cause this problem.

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