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This was lacking in X-Plane! A kit development kit for mission sceneries. With RescueX you can build your own emergency missions. Especially for helicopter pilots. RescueX provides emergency vehicles of police, fire and rescue service. Moreovere there are other things you need to build realistic missions.

Secondly RescueX is package with coplete helicopter sceneries. The library contains heliports and hospitals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Initially there are Hospital "Klinikum Saarbrücken" with the homebase of EMS helicopter Christoph 16, the homebase of Christoph 43 at Karlsruhe, the university hospital Homburg (all Germany) and the homebase of RK-1 at Fresach (Austria).

More sceneries will follow. A detailled scenery of Air Zermatt (Switzerland) is in progress.

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Thanks to all involved in RescueX Library project.

Autors of sceneries:

Many models i.e. of cars are based on models from emergency forum. With permission of the following athors we could convert them for X-Plane:

  • boni
  • Christopher@ABG
  • David
  • E4Modder3D
  • Hoppah
  • iglheaz
  • masterphill.lu
  • Pierre P. Heiden
  • Skaihof
  • Stadtaffe
  • Stormi
  • VPI
  • Waegi

Other paticipants:

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