Video Tutorials

Set up Controls

This tutorial explains the setup for joystick axes and assignment of buttons. 

  • 0:19 requirements
  • 0:35 control axes for cyclic stick
  • 0:46 axis for yaw control
  • 0:54 collective lever
  • 1:20 control sensitivity settings
  • 1:40 response curves
  • 2:07 beep trim function
  • 2:55 force trim release button
  • 3:20 other buttons at stick
  • 3:47 other buttons at collective
  • 4:03 unused buttons

Engine start-up

This tutorial describes pre-flight checks and correct engine start-up in our EC 135 for X-Plane.

  • 0:30 pre-flight checks
  • 1:50 preparing engine start
  • 2:57 starting 1st engine
  • 4:15 starting 2nd engine
  • 4:35 set up avionics
  • 6.06 pre-takeoff checks

Normal take-off and landing procedure

This tutorial shows a normal take-off and a nomal landing procedure and explaines the most important basics.

  • 0:04 outside views
  • 0:43 normal take-off procedure
  • 1:50 normal landing procedure

VTOL Procedures (Surface level and elevated Heliports)

Here we explain the recommended procedures for take-off and landing at heliports. 

  • 0:10 declaration of suitable heliports
  • 0:38 take-off procedure (cockpit view)
  • 2:37 flight paths for take-off procedure (AEO and OEI)
  • 2:48 preparations for landing
  • 3:08 flight paths for landing (AEO)
  • 3:37 landing procedure (cockpit view)
  • 4:46 flight paths for landing (OEI)
  • 5:00 recommendations on the decision points

Understanding Force Trim Release

In this tutorial we explain how the trim works in EC 135 V5 compared to the real helicopter. We look at Force Trim Release and Beep Trim. 

  • 0:06 introduction
  • 0:28 trim in the real helicopter
  • 2:16 trim in the simulation
  • 4:23 resetting all trims


The tutorial explains the 3 different types of headlights that the EC 135 V5 can be equipped with and shows how these lights are controlled.

  • 0:06 introduction
  • 0:12 landing light
  • 0:22 search and landing light
  • 0:42 spectrolab SX 16
  • 1:02 controlling landing light
  • 1:15 controlling search and landing light and SX 16
  • 1:54 using a realisitc replica of the collective
  • 2:18 indictions on CAD
  • 2:38 additions functions


This tutorial shows the procedure for a full down autorotation.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:23 Preparation of the simulator
  • 0:43 Checklist
  • 0:58 General explanations
  • 1:34 Autorotation step by step
  • 4:04 Complete inside view
  • 5:10 Complete outside view


How to mute Warning Tones?

We explain how the warning tones can be muted.

Why is the Artificial Horizon crooked?

Already noticed? The artificial horizon hangs crooked, even when the helicopter is on a level surface. It's not a bug, it's a feature!

Cockpit Lighting

This QuickTip shows the possibilities to illuminate the cockpit and the instruments at night.

Have you ever wondered about the assignment of the NAV sources? What seems strange at first glance is intentional. Here's how it works.

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Outstanding controls for the EC 135. Pedals, Collective and a true-to-the-original stick, even motor-controlled on request. These controls are a must-have for anyone flying the EC 135 in the simulator.

The hardware for the home cockpit. simparts instruments are of exceptional quality. The complete program for an EC135 cockpit is available. And everything is basically plug & play with our EC 135 Pro.


The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is a renowned research institution. Our flight model is used in a simulator at the Institute for Flight Guidance. DLR pilots supported the development.

The ultimate flight experience in an EC 135 full flight simulator. Fully instrumented, motion platform, sensational projection. In Attikon in Switzerland, beginners as well as flight students and professionals get their money's worth.

Heli Simu France

Together with the French developer group HSF we bring the EC 135 for X-Plane into a new dimension. A highly detailed 3D model of HSF is combined with our unique system depth.

HR SimYard

The Austrian developers build high-quality freeware addons for FSX and PrePar3D. Thanks to our partnership, we mutually benefit from each other by exchanging 3D models for the EC 135.