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The following downloads ar licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


As of now we have only one package. You can configure it with normal or hight skids or other equipment by our configurator plugin. 

We provide a comforable installer which can also be used for getting updates in a quite simple manner. For Mac an Linux the installer is still beta. 

Installer for Windows

Installer for Mac

Installer for Linux *

Why an installer?

Good question. Above all not for installation. The goal is, that you can get updates whenever available. Do no longer download complete packages, when only a few files are changed. Do no longer agnoize over partly downloads that are complicatet to install or that depend on other parts. Get your updates as simple as is usual for X-Plane itsself. 

Advice for Linux users

The installer depends von Qt. If you have trouble to get is run, make Idd setup. 

Advice for Mac users

Due to security OSX eventually blocks executeable files from the internet: Warnmeldung Mac

To execute the installer, go to "System Preferences", open "Security & Privacy" and make the following settings:

Sicherheitseinstellungen Mac

Do not forget to reset the secutity settings to a high level after installation is complete!

Other Downloads

Flight Manual

For information only. It is included in the helo download package!



Paint your own EC 135. This paint kit is same as for release 2. To get the new entries for config file, refer to Flight Manual (appendix), please.


AI Version für use with World Traffic Plugin

Find this download at X-Plane.org. Thanks to User Bluebell for sharing this!

Release 2 for X-Plane 9

Download availabe in download archive.

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Welcher Simulator?

Welcher Flugsimulator?

Wo bekommt man ein realistisches Fluggefühl? Dieser Frage geht RotorSim in seinem Vergleichstest von Simulationssoftware nach.


Im Profieinsatz

Simulator von LaBrOs - Fly Professional

Der neuste Simulator mit RotorSim-Knowhow: Eine EC 135 von LaBrOs - Fly Professional. Man vergisst, dass man "nur" im Simulator sitzt.


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